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Hey there! I’m Lauren, I believe living well starts with eating well. My love for food has been a consistent theme throughout my life. Along with being a food photographer and stylist, I'm also a holistic health and wellness guide. I love creating beautiful images and inspiring vibrant healing from the inside out. 

My background is in the arts. For the past decade I have been working in the commercial and editorial photography industry. In 2007 I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in photography. I got my start working at Hallmark assisting photographers and food/prop stylists.

With an itch for adventure and a calling to move west, I landed in Los Angeles. Celebrity portrait photographer, Art Streiber and several entertainment, fashion and lifestyle photographers kept me busy on set as a lighting assistant. It was a fun, wild ride. I worked alongside talented teams of people to help create content for brands such as: HBO, Vanity Fair and BMW.

While assisting I was also taking on my own photography clients to shoot food stories for chefs, restaurants and magazines. As my career was taking off my health was rapidly declining. After having two emergency surgeries for stage IV endometriosis. I quickly realized that if I didn't have my health I didn't have much of anything.

I became passionate about holistic healing from my own desire to heal. Following my gut, I took a deep dive into natural healing. I adopted a plant based lifestyle, got into meditation, energy healing and watched my life transform. Plants are amazing at stimulating the body's natural healing systems. 

After healing and being surgery free for seven years, I'm passionate about guiding others in their self-healing journey by providing the support and tools for inner transformation. Eating is a sacred ritual we do every day. Combining my love of photography, plant based food and healing; I'm interested in telling the visual story of where our food comes from and the care that goes into each meal that nourishes our mind, body, heart and soul.

Services: Inspiring Vibrant Living

Photography: Food & Travel
Styling: Food, Props, Interiors 
Recipe & Menu Development: Plant Based Allergy Friendly Recipes
Holistic Health & Wellness Guide:
Tap into your body’s innate ability to heal with: 
Plant Based Eating, Mindfulness, Energy Healing and Movement 

Some Of My Commercial Clients Include:

Panera Bread, AAA, Body & Soul, Finca De Vida Eco-Resort, Nike, Purina Beyond Natural Pet Food, Keys Creek Lavender Farm, Chef Michael Smith, Chef Kate McAloon, Bushnell, Ventura, Westside and South Bay Magazine.