Lauren Lemons Lauren Lemons


Hey there! I’m Lauren, a creative with a focus on organic whole foods and wellness. Along with being a photographer, I'm also a holistic health coach. I believe living well starts with eating well. My love for food has been a consistent theme throughout my work. Since graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007, I have been working with food in the commercial and editorial photography industry. I got my start working at Hallmark's in-house photography studio.

With an itch for adventure and a calling to move west, I moved to Los Angeles. Celebrity portrait photographer, Art Streiber and several entertainment, fashion and lifestyle photographers kept me busy on set as a lighting assistant. It was a fun, wild ride. I worked with talented teams of people to help create content for brands such as: HBO, Vanity Fair and BMW.

While assisting I was also taking on my own photography clients to shoot food and lifestyle stories for organic farms, chefs, restaurants and magazines. As my career was taking off my health rapidly declined. After having two emergency surgeries for stage IV endometriosis, I quickly realized, if I didn't have my health I didn't have much of anything. My passion for holistic wellness came from my own desire to heal.

Following my gut, I took a deep dive into healing naturally. With the guidance of a naturopath, I explored the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, adopted a plant based lifestyle, deepened my meditation practice and became certified in energy healing. Managing stress is key, and my chronic illness has been in remission for seven years. I love supporting individuals and brands in creating a vision of vibrant living that nourishes the mind, body, heart and spirit.