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Hey there! I’m Lauren, a creative with a focus on organic food and wellness. I’m interested in the art of living well and inspired by the natural beauty of the planet that sustains us. I work as a photographer, stylist, energy healer, and life guide specializing in nourishing food, holistic healing and lifestyle design. I like doing different things and love to collaborate! I’m based in Kansas City, Missouri, and split my time between St. Louis and Los Angeles.

The colors of life, the tastes of travel and the teachings of ancient indigenous cultures that have an emphasis on living in the present and cultivating a harmonious relationship with nature, humanity and the divine, have had a huge influence on my life. I believe we are all artists, and how we choose to create our life is our greatest masterpiece. Following my love for food and sustainable living. I got into meditation, energy healing and adopted a plant based lifestyle. I became curious about holistic healing from my own desire to heal.

Being a student of the human experience I like to think of life as an experiment. After two emergency surgeries for stage IV endometriosis, I took a deep dive into healing naturally. As a collector of experiences, I love exploring new and ancient ways of eating, healing, creating and living. Starting with the basics, I chose to eat a seasonal organic allergen friendly plant based diet and watched my life transform. Plants are amazing at stimulating the body’s healing systems and bringing people together as a cross-cultural love language. After healing and being surgery free for seven years, I've become passionate about guiding others on their self-healing journey by providing the support and tools for their inner transformation. 

Services: Inspiring Vibrant Living

Photography: Food, Travel, Abstract Fine Art Prints
Styling: Food, Props, Interiors 
Holistic Health & Wellness Guide: Tap into your body’s innate ability to heal with - Plant Based Eating, Mindfulness, Energy Healing and Movement 

Some of my commercial clients include:

Panera Bread, AAA, Body & Soul, Nike, Finca De Vida, Purina Beyond Natural Pet Food, Keys Creek Lavender Farm, Bushnell, Ventura, Westside and South Bay Magazine.